NGK Spark Plug Standard BPR6ES 7822
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NGK Spark Plug Standard BPR6ES 7822

NGK Spark Plug Standard BPR6ES 7822

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Spark Plug
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NGK Spark plug BPR6ES Standard Long shaft (19mm) Thread: B Heat degree: 6 Resistance: 5kOhm NGK is ...

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Full description

NGK Spark plug BPR6ES Standard Long shaft (19mm) Thread: B Heat degree: 6 Resistance: 5kOhm NGK is the name in qualitative parts for the ignition system. As a result, NGK parts are used in a large part of all engines. The spark plug is part of the ignition system for the petrol engine. This creates a spark for ignition of the engine. Because a spark plug will operate frequently, they will wear out and / or become dirty. It is therefore very important to replace them in time. Symptoms such as stalling followed by a rough idling engine may indicate a worn spark plug. To see if the NGK spark plug is suitable for your motorcycle, see the manual of your motorcycle. Make sure you only use the specified spark plug type. Very rarely can a different degree of heat yield a small improvement. However, if a long shank is placed in a short shank in the cylinder head when replaced, the piston will be damaged. When the spark plugs are reasonably to easily accessible, replacing them is not very difficult, but there are still a number of aspects to consider. Especially when replacing a spark plug of modern vehicles, it is important that you have the right tools available. If you do not have the correct size torque wrench, there is a high chance that the spark plugs will be damaged. It is also very important to replace the spark plug when the engine has cooled down. Today, engines are often equipped with aluminum cylinder heads that expand when heated. This can cause the spark plug to get stuck.

Suitable models for NGK Spark Plug Standard BPR6ES 7822


  • SR 400 2016-2017 (SR400)


  • Z 1300 1983-1989 (Z1300)
  • Z 1300 1979-1982 (Z1300 KZT30A)

Moto Guzzi

  • Norge 1200 2006-2010
  • Bellagio 940 2007-2009
  • California 1100 ie EV Touring 2001-2002
  • Sport 1100 1997-2000 (KF)
  • Stelvio 1200 2011-2015 8V
  • V11 1100 Sport 1999-2003
  • Breva 750 2003-2012 (LLG00)
  • V11 1100 Le Mans 2002-2006
  • Griso 1100 2005-2008 ie (LS000)
  • California 1100 ie Classic-Touring 2006-2011
  • Bellagio 940 2010-2014
  • California 1100 ie EV 2003-2005
  • Norge 1200 GT 2011-2017
  • Stone 1100 2002-2005 ie (KD)
  • California 1100 ie EV 1997-2002
  • Quota 1100 ES 1999-2001
  • California 1100 ie 1996-2000
  • Breva 1100 2005-2007 ie (LPC00)
  • California 1100 Black Eagle 2009-2011