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We are a motorcycle salvage and breakers company called Boonstra Parts, part of Boonstra Motoren Ureterp. With more than 25 years' experience, we are able to call ourselves the motorcycle disassembly specialists of The Netherlands. What started as a junkyard has grown into a warehouse with more than 100,000 second-hand parts. Our store inventory is linked to our webshop so you can check our current stock in real-time and order immediately. Every dismantled motorcycle is disassembled completely and the usable parts are tested extensively and are thereafter labelled, photographed and added to the website.

Our team consists of a group of enthusiastic and experienced people with a passion for motorcycles. We try to advise the customer as well as possible with the purchase of second-hand parts. The webshop is a good way to get to know our products and it is advisable to check back regularly because we have a quick turnaround of stock. All parts are unique so what you see in the photographs is what you get. If there are any questions or suggestions then our staff will be happy to speak to you. We look forward to your order!

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