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Použité součásti Kawasaki VN 900 Classic (VN900 VN900B) Kapotáž – pravá z druhé ruky.

The Fairing Right is a panel usually attached to the front right of the frame. It is made of ABS plastic, fiberglass or carbon. The fairing protects the internal parts, but its main function is to manipulate the airflow so it takes less energy to operate the motorcycle. Especially at higher speeds, the air pressure will increase, which will provide more and more resistance for the motorcycle and the driver, and it also requires more power. The right fairing varies in sizes and is sometimes integral with the upper fairing. It covers a large part of the motorcycle or is hardly or not at all present. Space may also be made for the intake air grill. In addition to its protective function, the right fairing is also beautiful to look at. Due to its shape, it contributes to a specific design of the motorcycle and can be released in different colors with or without stickers.