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Použité součásti Aprilia Atlantic 250 2003-2009 Prední vidlice z druhé ruky.

The front fork is located at the front of the motorcycle and is part of the front suspension. It is attached to the handlebars and front wheel, and is responsible for the steering and suspension. The complete front fork consists of several parts, the most important of which: the triple clamp, bottom yoke, legs, seals and the suspension. While driving you will encounter different roads: one of poorer quality than the other. The motorcycle absorbs all blows by means of a suspension, so that the motorcycle remains steerable. This suspension is located in the front fork legs. But to keep the springs from bouncing uncontrollably, the suspension must be damped. This is done by means of oil or gas. During compression, the oil or gas is forced through narrow openings by means of a piston. This exerts counter-pressure and absorbs the spring movement, so that you can continue to ride stably and safely. The oil in the front fork can be replaced. You can choose a thinner or thicker oil to change the damping. The thickness of the oil then ensures a smoother or firmer suspension The front fork can be ordered in its entirety in our webshop, but also in individual parts. In addition, the front fork can be decorated with covers.